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Teach + Train + Advise

Proper training is an essential part of responsible animal care. Dogs with no control or highly aggressive behaviors can be very harmful to family and loved ones. As a professional Dog Trainer in the San Diego area since 2013, I’ve worked with all sorts of different animals and their owners. My animal training services are designed to give you and your pet the clearest line of communication.


From the Trainer

What to know about your pet.

Animals work for 3 things;

Play, Food, & Comfort. 

Identify the one thing your pet will do anything for in order to receive that specific item. Is it a certain toy or is it a specific treat? When we find out what your pet desires the most. We can use these as a reward for specific behavior we want. Or has the behavior become overwhelming to the point your pet does not care about these types of motivators. In these situations we may need to take those items away and supplement specific training tools in order to regain your pets attention.

 Wether it be in public or at home. Showing your pet that you are confident in your surroundings is also very important. Your pet will adapt and learn some of the same behaviors you present on their own. A confident pet will be more focused on their handler, creating a positive pack mentality.

Remember, if you yell at your dog to stop barking. All they hear is you barking along with them.